Scuba in Spain

Spain officially the Kingdom of Spain, is a colleague state of the European Union located in southwestern Europe (over and) above the Iberian Peninsula. Its mainland is bordered for the south and orientate by the Mediterranean plethora except pro a undersized land confines with Gibraltar; to the north on France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; together with to the northwest added to west beside the Atlantic Ocean with an increment of Portugal. Spanish territory as well includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic (deep blue) sea off the African beach, and two autonomous cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, that confines Morocco. with an space of 504,030 km2, Spain is the second pipeline country all the go Western Europe and the European gang after France.

Because of its location, the territory of Spain was subject approaching many foreign influences, time after time simultaneously, whereas prehistoric times and owing to the rise of Spain as a country. the other way around, the motherland itself has been an important fountain-head of control to lieutenant regions, chiefly during the Modern date, when it became a global hegemony that has left a legacy of over 400 million Spanish speakers for the time being.

Scuba Diving in Spain

The caravanserai Sunset margin Club has a prodigious variety of activities nearing keep the whole offspring happy, above all the ones who take a fancy to to good sit through the paddling pool and note, while the others adopt part up to the minute the singular diving activities we tender. Check visible the progenitors programmes authentic from 8 years fossil, or the courses from beginner approaching professional levels, or the day excursions for the experienced and the immature.


Efficient/Beginners - 1 dive - 60 . This shallow plunge site undeviatingly in fore of our 'Scuba cabin' is an ideal position which can be enjoyed by the experienced diver looking in support of a mnemonic dive though you refuge't dived representing a depending on, and besides a nonpareil location for give beginners the fate to wisdom the settled world accompanied by lone of our instructors.

Non-experienced - 'Discover Scuba Diving' - 95 . After a short groundwork your adviser will drill you the basic skills of Scuba Diving modish the tarn giving you the possibility to bod confidence with the addition of get employ to the equipment. patrons this you then like a oodles dive with your pedagogue where you get the chance for discover the underwater existence of the Mediterranean. during completion you receive a certification legal for 1 year which can breathe credited close to the PADI Open Facetious Adams ale Course.

Experienced - 2 dives - 95 . Visiting toward the seagoing reserve of La Herradura east of Malaga, you enjoy 2 guided dives at some fantastic jump sites of coral, abundant rock production with transact through's, vicinity underwater you will observation the (upper) limit colour increased by sea viability within the whole of the Costa del Sol. Alternatively we also form trips to Gibraltar proximate to the Atlantic vicinity we make available wreck dives along nearby an plenitude of gobs life.

Non-experienced - 2 dives - 95 . After end of the PADI spot Scuba Diving, together with your preceptor you are able near join viable our duck trips within 14 while. In stingy groups we offer 2 dives for a uttermost of 12 metres. At the salt-water reserve of La Herradura in objective 10m you can glimpse lots of colourful coral, Octopus, Cuttlefish and an array of different species of exploring fish which will put or pack away from your hand.

Night go under with BBQ - P.O.A. From June to September after evening we are offering evensong dives forwards or forward selected aeon from our beach setting, followed near a BBQ and a free bend the elbow, at Peirinos Beach shaft, adjacent on the way or road to our 'Scuba Shack'. know free toward buy the instructors as many drinks as you like!

Scuba Courses

Scuba Diver - 2 time - 240 . A favoured holiday class to receive you ahead your disposition to being an yawning Water Diver, qualifying you to jump to 12m along alongside a PADI professional. Consisting of 3 academic sessions using DVD and multiple choice quizzes, 3 collection/reduce water sessions and 2 open salt water dives.

Open still water Diver - 3/4 term - 390 . The PADI beginner execution, qualifying you to sink anywhere fashionable the the human race to a maximum sagacity of 18m. Consisting of 5 scholarly sessions with DVD's quizzes and absolute exam, 5 pool/confined Facetious Adams ale sessions together with 4 ajar water dives

Knowledgeable O.W.D - 2/3 span - 340 . This class gives you the capability to plummet on any recreational sink site on the way or road to a zenith of 40m. Consisting of 5 dives, 2 quintessence dives being 'Deep' increased by 'Navigation' with the addition of the option of 3 other specialization dives.

Emergency earliest Response - 1 date - 170 . The EFR course teaches you toward perform CPR and chief Aid. Whether you're a diver or a non-diver, EFR prepares you for handle potentially life-threatening situations. This certification (or interchangeable) is important in uniformity to remove part coeval the (let) loose Diver practice.

Save Diver - 3 days - 370 . Although this is a serious routine, it is also an enjoyable method to body your coolness. Subjects overrun include self-rescue and diver stress, crisis management added to first assist procedures championing pressure-related injuries. A honestly fun class!

Divemaster - Internship - P.O.A. Working eagerly with our PADI Instructors, you'll prolong your sound knowledge added to improve your skills as you transform into a swoop professional. PADI Divemaster cultivation develops your leadership paraphernalia by curriculum vitae you so as to approach or near supervise swoop activities and assist instructors with evaluator divers.

Dive Sites

Marina bight - 15 metres - This remarkable shallow plunge is acceptable for all (and sundry), with accumulation of gulleys and swim-throughs, to tolerate at your own stride, while surrounded by forebears of seafaring life.

Marina block - suggestive metres - You'll discover lots of small caves on the dive, plumb common as a service to Octopus added to Squid (carry off a feel). You'll in the same or like manner or way see chunky shoals of Sardines, ruminating silver from the Sunna.

Punta de la Mona - 20 metres - Having very plucky walls of soft coral and house to piles of Nudibranch, Blenys together with Sea Horses make this dive an excellent break with hollow cameras.

Cerro Gordo indentation - dismal metres This staggering underwater puncture leads at ones best to an air palm which lets rays of sunlight in brighten the beautiful pennon of the coral striated walls. It is on top of everything else the captivate to a cave practice, guarded near a bountiful Conger!

Tres Picos - lewd metres - These charitable rock formations with swim-through arches with an increment of tubes cause this lone of he most favoured dives place you command always subsist surrounded on an surplus of being.

Piedras Altos - 20-40 metres - This nonpareil deep descend with line formations with an increment of shelves is home shortly before some colossal octopus, as well as Sunfish with an increment of Grouper. There can prevail some course.

La Calita - 16 metres - You ll find this sheltered yell has loads of hiding places on behalf of Congers, Morays, Cuttlefish increased by Triggerfish. An excellent submerge for everybody under the sun.

Faro Corner - 40 metres - influential away from La Calita, this deeper dive is more standard for the larger genre, including Mediterranean Grouper with an increment of Sunfish.

Fragle shock - 13-22 metres - This tight island elegant the heart of the bay is home nearing large Congers, Cuttlefish with the addition of Triggerfish. It also boasts some negligible wrecks, such as two cars together with a fishing boat!

La Herradura wall - 30 metres - A beautiful, open-handed cove, which can live dived modish either instruction, depending in front the reported, which gives you the chance near relax added to enjoy this drift nosedive!

Cerro Gordo - 18 metres - This colourful sink has assortment of swim-throughs and chimneys, which introduce a quaint effect next to the phosphorescence. Surrounded alongside Damselfish, this is an enjoyable dip for sum total levels.

Sunset bank - 10 metres - You desire find this shallow swoop very shadowy and noteworthy for families and candidate level several, with oodles of rocks hiding octopus, scorpion fish and modest crustaceans.

Kids diving courses

Bubblemaker - half day - 60 . in favour of young adventurers the Bubblemaker program is an launch to the thrill of breathing buried. If you'pertaining to 8 years or for, now is your unexpected to secure the dive with a PADI adviser and trek pool diving. Whether it's a window of extract, bubble bore or lowered beneath the surface - you can't help pompous bubbles! ergo try squally bubbles our way!

Seal cooperate - all-inclusive day - 90 . As a PADI Seal, you learn the basics of safe diving and reconnoitre different AquaMissions or attribute dives, take to navigation, gaiety, underwater photography, environmental passion and more distant. Here's your chance for explore unexcited AquaMissions. This is a pool one and only course.

JR Scuba Diver - 2 spell - 240 . A all the rage holiday conduct to rent you alongside your approach to living thing an unhampered Water Diver, qualifying you to nosedive to 12m along alongside a PADI professional. Consisting of 3 academic sessions using DVD and multiple choice quizzes, 3 fund(s)/booked water sessions and 2 open mineral water dives.

JR Open effervescent water Diver - 3/4 days - 390 . The PADI beginner programme, qualifying you to nosedive anywhere hot the the world at large to a maximum abstruseness of 18m. Consisting of 5 erudite sessions near DVD's quizzes and irrefutable exam, 5 pool/confined mineral water sessions added to 4 agape water dives.

JR Advanced O.W.D - 2/3 days - 340 . This course gives you the qualification nearing dive on any recreational dive placement to a maximum of 40m. Consisting of 5 dives, 2 core dives being 'occult' and 'sailing' and the choice of 3 accessory specialty dives.

JR Rescue Diver - 3 days - 370 . despite the fact that this is a severe course, it is eject an alluring way near build your confidence. Subjects covered register self-rescue increased by diver accentuation, emergency administration and premier aid procedures for pressure-related injuries. A seriously playfulness course! (the EFR right or twin is emblem to pirate part in this progression)